The 5 Most Promising Travel Tech Startups Right Now


Technology never fails to impress us, and innovations in the travel industry keep coming up every day. Why exactly do we have and need such technological adaptations? To make our lives so much easier. And that’s exactly what these five innovative travel tech startups are doing right now. Their brilliant ideas are changing the travel experience from one that is normal, to one that is extraordinary.

Say goodbye to high air ticket prices, forgetting to pack items and so much more. Read on to find out what exactly these innovative travel startups have in store for you before your next trip.

Hotel Tonight

Nothing ruins a vacation more than being stranded in an unknown location without a room for the night (or day). With Hotel Tonight, that’s one less problem to worry about. This app is a necessity for all you travel junkies – it looks up for the availability of cheap hotel rooms that you can book even at the last minute. Spread across close to 250 destinations and across 17 countries, this startup works in the favor of hotels that are located in busy destinations as well, by increasing their chances of occupancy and thereby, driving more revenue – a win-win for hotels as well as travelers.

The advantages don’t end there – It has a special feature that allows you to gift a room to a friend as well. An added feature called “Snap Your Stay” allows you to take pictures of your stay, and once you upload these pictures, Hotel Tonight gives you credits that range from $5 to $10.


Wouldn’t it be great if each time the price of your desired room falls, you were alerted, so you can use this golden opportunity to go ahead and book the room? Well, thanks to Pruvo, this is now an effortless reality.

Launched in 2016, this Israeli startup is the ultimate money saver, at least where booking rooms are concerned. Since its inception, this innovative service has saved its customers a whopping $1.4 million. Functional in Portugal, Latin America, and Italy, this company has services available in seven languages.


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What better way to experience the culture of various travel destinations than by dining in the homes of the locals. Barging into a stranger’s home might get you some worried look, right? VizEat doesn’t think so. This innovative but highly successful app is a hot favorite among travelers, and for good reason – it allows you to dine in the house of the locals. Launched in 2014, this European startup revolves around the idea of ‘social dining’, where it provides a platform for travelers to connect with locals who are willing to play host. This app has definitely tasted success, going so far in its achievements that Apple selected it as one of the top three apps of the year 2016.


Singapore-based travel tech startup Travelstop was launched today with a US$1.2 million seed funding round led by venture capital (VC) firm SeedPlus and an undisclosed US-based travel-focussed VC firm.

Travelstop is an AI-powered software-as-a-service platform that seeks to simplify business travels for corporates in Asia, which the company said is 90 percent unmanaged. “Business travelers deserve to experience all the innovation and progress that the consumer space has made over the last several years. Our goal is to leverage machine learning and AI to power experiences for today’s business traveler,” Travelstop CTO Vijay Aggarwal said.


This app is a must-have for every travel enthusiast. It works as a platform that makes a to-do list or organizer, based on your travel destination. Keeping the destination in mind, PackPoint tells you what kind of clothes to carry, and based on the duration of your stay, it tells you exactly how many to changes of clothing to carry as well.

This startup works in every area, not just your clothes. Apart from reminding you of all the basic necessities that you are required to carry, it highlights tips on what might come in handy for the duration of your stay as well. And it does this not just for you-you can organize a to-do list for the everyone who is traveling with you as well. All you need to do is type in the details about your location, the start date, and the departure date, and this innovative app, backed by artificial intelligence, will tell you all that you need to carry on your vacation.

The future of travel is here, and now. These innovative travel tech startups offer you a platform to embark on a journey that is backed by technology and innovations – the right mix that ensures the ultimate travel experience!