Travel tech companies are definitely witnessing a surge in exposure and investments as off late. The close ties of travel agencies and technology have paid of well, as more and more travel tech start-ups are receiving funding from the behemoths. Today, the words Chatbots, AI, Big Data are in vogue even for the travel companies. They are utilizing the advancements made in technology to get closer to the consumers along with a noticeable enhancement in the quality of services being offered to them. Here’s our take on the hottest travel tech ventures making a dent in the universe. 


Guesty is a platform that provides simplified solutions for Property Management Companies. It employs technology to devise smart ways of doing the same old monotonous tasks. The Property Management System is a cloud-based platform that employs to store all the data related to reservations, listings, and bookings at a single virtual location.

Guesty lets users sync the different accounts they might have on different rental sites such as Airbnb,,, etc. It facilitates channel management because of which it is now possible to manage listings across different rental platforms from a single account. The automation tools render some of the most boring tasks like guest replies redundant. The communication, payment, reporting and similar such post-booking activities are also made easier and much quicker.


Manet proudly espouses their belief in its homepage which is ‘shifting hospitality from realism to impressionism’. Its most interesting feature is its smartphone. Manet provides its customers with high-end Samsung devices that operate on Manet’s operating system, which is in fact, a customized version of the Android.

The perks this device offers the users are aplenty. With unlimited international calls and 4G internet connectivity, it also guides the tourists throughout the journey. It has detailed content for the tourist that includes travel tips, food, and drink, ticket bookings etc. Manet also provides accommodation facilities. So, the features of the phone that allow the user to control the room and its devices like TV, doors, air cons, etc. is just the cherry on top.


IfOnly is another familiar name among the travel tech companies. It is an online platform that lets users make bookings for the activities that catch their attention. It has a list of luminaries who share an experience/activity of a particular place. If it piques your interest, you provide the necessary details. This is done by connecting directly to the luminary. In doing so, the schedule is arranged directly with no intermediaries in between.

The success stories of these travel agencies show how embracing technology can result in a better return on investments and also bring about greater customer satisfaction. It is a no-brainer that the travel tech companies that make use of travel technology will have an edge over the traditional companies.

Technology also provides the companies with the data required for business analytics. This inadvertently leads to cost reduction, better operation, and higher profits. Online data is also another way to cater to the needs of the customers in a better way. In short, the travel tech companies are better equipped for customer services today than ever before. This fact is evident from the high investments made on the travel tech start-ups.