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Founded by Oren Todoros, a veteran Digital Marketing Executive with a sharp focus on the Travel Tech industry; Oren Todoros has helped establish both independent entrepreneurs as well as large-scale global brands, increasing their reach through the digital landscape.

Alternative Airlines Partners with to Accept Payments in 150 currencies

Alternative Airlines, a flight search website that specializes in remote destinations, is partnering with Checkout.comt o Accept Payments in 150 currencies.

These 5 European Travel Tech Startups are The Ones to Watch

Most of the trends in travel tech in Europe mirror global trends, with travel niches, chatbots and hospitality tech solutions being strong focus areas. To break it down a little more, here’s our pick of the top 5 travel startups in Europe to watch out for right now

The 5 Most Promising Travel Tech Startups Right Now

Technology never fails to impress us, and innovations in the travel industry keep coming up every day. Why exactly do we have and need...

Three Major Travel Tech Investments You Need to Know

There are dozens of breakout travel tech ventures that are hitting the ground running, Here are 3 major tech investments you should know about.

Couldn’t Make It to Travel Tech Israel 2018? Here’s What You...

Israel’s leading travel tech event, Travel Tech Israel 2018 organized by Innovel took place on June 12th, at Habima Theater in Israel. This is...

These Are The Participating Startups at Next Week’s Travel Tech Israel...

Travel Tech Israel, one of the biggest conference in the industry will be taking place next week, in Tel Aviv, where leading executives from the travel and hospitality industry will meet to discuss cutting-edge technologies, exchange ideas and share insights.

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