This Israeli Travel Tech Startup Founder Is Redefining the Home Swapping Marketplace. Meet Yariv Gilad of CasaVersa.


It’s clear by now that we all love to travel. The problem is, staying in interesting locations don’t come cheap. Instead of paying out big bucks to stay in a hotel at your next travel destination, you might want to consider a home exchange or home swapping, which can take care of both of those concerns at the same time.

A home exchange program allows for a bit of collaborative consumption with something that doesn’t often get used when we’re on vacation, namely, our own home. Participants in home exchanges through CasaVersa can swap homes for the duration of their vacation, giving each of the parties low-cost (free) lodging for their stay, while also allowing for a more personal experience while traveling.

CasaVersa is a home exchange platform that connects people around the world for the purpose of swapping their houses for vacation and travel.

yariv Gilad, Founder & CEO Of CasaVersa was recently interviewed at ILTV Studio about the Israeli company that is offering a different solution for housing when traveling abroad.

Home exchange is a growing travel phenomenon chosen by many thousands of people around the world as a cost-efficient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional vacation lodging. With CasaVersa, users can find a comfortable stay, make useful connections, and get great travel tips, all while saving money on accommodations.



The three main types of home exchanges are as follows: You can stay in your exchange partner’s home while they stay in yours (a “simultaneous exchange”). You can stay at a home-swappers second home or vacation home (a “non-simultaneous exchange”). Or you can stay as a guest in a swapper’s abode while they’re also in the house (a “hospitality exchange”).

Various home-exchange sites cater to different types of exchanges. IVHE, for example, focuses on vacation- or second-home swapping. So consider which kind of swap you’re most interested in before buying a membership with a particular home-exchange company.


To participate in this travel sharing economy program, users simply need to sign up at CasaVersa, list their own home, choose the travel dates and locations, browse the listings and find potential home exchange partners, and then connect with and propose an exchange to the people with the most fitting listing.

CasaVersa aims to help people to connect and communicate on the site, and by verifying personal and contact information and using social networking to determine the user’s authenticity, as well as providing a home exchange contract to participants, the process is as above-board as possible.

“CasaVersa is designed specifically to help you really get to know your partner prior to the actual exchange. By the time you are ready to make the exchange, you are not strangers anymore: you will have chatted via CasaVersa about all the aspects of your exchange, and received great local tips from each other about what to do on your vacation. You and your exchange partner are connected by the mutual desire to have a unique and successful vacation. Social networks have made the world smaller and opened a wealth of opportunities for connecting with people. We utilize social networks on CasaVersa. When you view another member’s profile, you get to see their Facebook verification as well as recommendations from their friends.”