KAYAK Helping Travelers Secure Compensations for Delayed Flights


 Service, a technology startup that automatically secures compensation for travelers, today announced a partnership with KAYAK, the world’s leading travel search engine, to help KAYAK customers seamlessly receive compensation for delayed and canceled domestic flights.

Travelers that book a flight via KAYAK’s facilitated booking path will now receive Service’s industry-leading automated and proprietary flight monitoring technology. In the instance of a flight delay or cancellation, Service automatically alerts KAYAK, prompting them to message the traveler and offering Service as a way to get compensation. The integration is completely private; KAYAK does not share any information with Service beyond anonymous flight details.


“Putting the customer first is just good business sense,” said Michael Schneider, CEO, and Founder of Service. “Most travelers don’t want to take the time to complain following flight issues, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want compensation for their inconvenience. KAYAK shares our mission of putting the customer first, and getting them compensation they deserve in the most effortless way possible.”

Whether for work or play, travelers want to feel taken care of by the companies and airlines that they choose to do business with. This is the first partnership between a major travel search engine in the United States and a third party that gets compensation for customers whose flights are delayed or canceled, and another example of how the travel industry is prioritizing customer service and its impact on customer retention and satisfaction.

“We are always looking for ways to help our users plan a trip with confidence. Offering our users the opportunity to easily get compensated for flight delays or cancellations is a great benefit,” said Debby Soo, Chief Commercial Officer of KAYAK. “KAYAK has already taken the friction out of travel search, and now with Service, the same is true for the aftermath of flight-related hassles.”

Service saves the average consumer over $300 each year while helping airlines and hotels retain their most valuable customers. It is the only company that secures flight compensation for travel disruptions on U.S. carriers. In addition, Service recently launched its hotel offering, which uses automated, proprietary technology to search travelers’ inboxes for upcoming hotel reservations, then monitors the rate for price drops, automatically rebooking users in the exact same room at the lower rate, up until the time they check in.