Making Eilat Israel The Next Startup Hub


In the most southern tip of the startup nation of Israel, Eilat, which is also Israel’s prime resort and travel destination, a new tech hub was recently launched called Eilat Hub.

Eilat Hub’s platform offers Travel and hospitality startups with an ecosystem to develop, pilot and grow their travel technology and products.


1. Direct access to the biggest number of hotel rooms in Israel- over 50 hotels, national and international brands.
2. Access to an international airport and airlines.
3. Access to an international seaport hosting cruise ships.
4. Access to a comprehensive tourist infrastructure on the private, municipal and government level.
5. Access to startup accelerators, incubation programs, boot camps and more.
6. Connections to leading mentors, global brands, international business development firms, leading investors, top financial and legal firms and more.
7. Top designed shared and co-working spaces with views of the Eilat bay.
8. Monthly tech and innovation meetups.
9. International Conventions.
10. Direct access to the entire Israeli startup and innovation ecosystem.


Prior to the Eilat Hub, Eilatians didn’t have many high tech possibilities. A lot of the entrepreneurs abandoned the city because they didn’t have a place to invest and develop their ideas. Well not anymore. Now the Eilatians can invest in high tech and enjoy all of the other pros the city has to offer. In the Israeli scale a four-hour drive to Eilat can seem like an eternity away, whereas on a larger global scale, it’s considered more of a neighbor to Tel Aviv. “A few hours of driving in the business world is nothing, and in the digital age, Eilat is a click of the mouse away from Tel Aviv, San Francisco, New York, and Beijing. Also they are building an international airport in Eilat, which is only a 10-minute drive away from the city.

From this point, Eilat is actually at the heart of business.” Due to the size of the city, its distinct borders, and the diversity of the citizens, this is an ideal city for piloting new apps and innovations.

Global registration is now open for our international travel tech Bootcamp program for Startups who are at market-ready stage.

Only 5 startups will be selected from hundreds of applications and will get exclusive, week-long access to global and local hotel brands including to the international hotel network of, access to international travel tech leaders like, access to global investors and more.

The Bootcamp is designed to provide market-ready travel tech startups with access to the perfect ecosystem and partners to break into global markets.

Registration for the Eilat Hub Bootcamp is now open until the end of April.