Announcing The Eilat Hub Travel Tech Bootcamp Startups


A few weeks ago we published a post about a new tech hub was recently launched called Eilat Hub, located in the most southern tip of the startup nation of Israel.

Eilat Hub has officially announced the 5 Travel Tech ventures that will be participating in their Startup Bootcamp program,  a scale-up platform designed to take the leading travel and hospitality startups to global markets.

Over 1000 startups from 7 different countries were involved in the process and after careful consideration and in-depth interviews led by the Eilat Hub team, the Innovel travel tech community team and by the cockpit EL-AL airline VC these are the top 5 startups that were selected.


EasyWay created Eve – an AI-powered chatbot assistant that allows travelers to experience destinations authentically by providing them personally tailored and exclusive advice covering all their needs



Viggo’s Smart Hotel’s cloud-based platform helps hoteliers take control and manage their digital aspects, while being focused on improving guests’ experiences, digital engagement, and increasing during stay revenue.



Develops a social, interactive video-based trip planner.




HotelsBi provides personal pricing solution for hotel website. Any user going to hotel website is identified by HotelsBI, as a result, the system is able to automatically suggest different prices for different guests based on their history and behavior pattern. According to HotelsBI statistics, the conversion rate of the deployed websites was increased in average in 64%.


Nexto is reimagining the on-location visitor experience of travel destinations by transforming guided tours into gamified adventures with elements of augmented reality (AR).


Congratulations go out to each of the startups chosen to be part of the Bootcamp. We’ll be sharing updates through the process. If you haven’t done so yet, follow us over on Facebook for live updates!