The Rapid Growth of Consumer Focused Travel Tech


Technology focuses heavily on the consumer market, and the travel tech industry is no an exception. Consumer focused travel tech are redefining how travel is done and experienced in today’s age.

Most of all, it is to make travel less of a pain for global travelers. Comfort is a tool for competition and the more comfort a solution can deliver, the more popular it will become. There are several different ways this can be done of course and with a lot of different solutions.

AI and You

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, has begun to be seen more frequently now, with the advancement of technology. Many hotels use AI systems to make it possible for the client to receive information on nearby bars and restaurants while also being capable of taking over some of the workload from the staff.  The use of an AI system will make one’s stay more personalized and special as this is certainly not something that is available in your own home. Since the technology is improving it is almost safe to say that we can expect AI to be able to take over most of the work that regular hotel staff is in charge off in the future.

A perfect example AI in consumer focused travel tech this is “Edward” – Guests staying at Radisson Blu owned Edwardian Hotels can request the assistance of AI chat bot “Edward” by text message. The group stated in a recent press release that Edward is “designed to deliver exceptional experiences for guests who prefer digital brand interaction”. Edward can deliver information on local bars and restaurants as well as deal with complaints. Like Cosmopolitan’s Rose, when Edward can’t deliver the goods, hotel staff are standing by to step in.


Immersive Reality in Travel 

Virtual Reality is no longer just something you encounter exclusively when it comes to gaming. One company has started to make use of this tech to make it possible for the consumer to see and inspect the resort themselves before going there. Ascape VR, the live virtual reality travelogue lets you watch beautiful 360 VR video of iconic locations and travel destinations.

Experience virtual tours that let you travel from the beaches of Hawaii to the streets of New York or Amsterdam, feed elephants in Africa or dive with sharks in the Caribbean. Find travel destinations and explore culture and destinations around the world. Experience the world in virtual reality with unforgettable journeys to the destinations you’ve always wanted to see

This way you do not have risk going to a place only to find out that the pictures that could be found on the website were just the best angles of the hotel and the nearby area. This kind of tech adds another level of honesty which is something customers enjoy and deserve.

Smartphones, a tool for smart travel

Apps, apps and more apps. We all have a smartphone these days which makes it so much easier to make a reservation for a table at a restaurant, book the best possible flights, check the weather and to find the best possible hotel for ones stay.

The list of apps made to make travel easier is nearly endless, but some of them are truly worth mentioning even if they are not as well known.

iTranslate: This remarkable app makes it possible for you to communicate with someone who does not speak your language and vice versa. It is simple, speak into your phone, choose the language for translation and done! This app is not perfect however but even in this state it can make travelling and communicating in a different country so much easier.


PackPoint: An app that helps you pack! The app needs to know where and when you are travelling and then gives you suggestions on what to pack. How many times have you arrived at your hotel only to realize you forgot something at home? Well, this app will prevent that from happening ever again!

Splittr: If you ever have traveled with a group of friends, you know how much of a headache it can be to keep track on who paid what and so on. With this app, that headache is now a thing of the past. You add the amounts paid into the app once they occur and when the trip is done, the app can compile the information and calculate the exact cost each one owes in the pool, without having to try to remember who paid for what meal.

Technology made with travelling in mind will continue to evolve and improve as time goes, and it might happen faster than you’d think. The motivation is there for all sorts of travel and accommodation companies because consumers have started to demand certain levels of comfort, personalization and technology.

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