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I believe that everyone should be able to see the world in a unique way, also while traveling on a business trip.

That’s why, together with the ITTS (Israel Travel Tech Startups) community, I’ve compiled a list of tools that will help corporates, hotels, travel agencies, airlines and airports more than ever before.

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Hotels Done Better

Making sure hotels can easily communicate with their guests is key to their success. That’s why EasyWay ( ) has created a tool for app-free instant replies to any question, 24/7.

In addition, Fonety ( provides a sales platform that enables sales agents to create an instant digital channel with their clients. Companies like Trip Lights ( and Roomchecking ( can also help by providing real-time reports on local events, news, and hotels.

Gamitee ( ), a social eCommerce plug-in, even lets customers invite friends to shop and consult together with them online just like they would in brick and mortar. This increases online traffic for your hotels and increases the booking rate by shortening deliberation.

While marketing to foreign countries used to be a barrier, Traseatlas ( has created a new marketing platform that lets you expand the reach of your website to any language and currency.

And if you’re running a business in the hotel industry, you won’t survive unless you are financially efficient. Websites such as Booking Direction ( and Hotelier can reduce commissions to OTAs and substantially increase bookings.

Arbitrip (, a smart hotel booking platform, is another great option for corporations trying to manage their travel costs. They provide tailored room recommendations and if a nicer option becomes available for the same price, they will upgrade you at no cost.

Way2VAT ( lets you turn VAT expenses into revenue by offering a cloud-based travel expense management system for automated VAT returns for global companies.

Moreover, VacAgent (, a B2B vacation rental online reservation system for travel agents and property managers, consolidates different property management systems. This system brings the benefits of an online sharing economy to everyone: enabling them to offer their clients the best rates and still remain profitable.

Affordability and flexibility will open doors for many new travelers. Roomer (, an online platform that connects travelers with people selling discounted hotel rooms, is making travel more feasible for everyone. If guests are stuck with nonrefundable hotel reservations that they cannot use, they can offer their rooms on Roomer and avoid losing money.

On the other hand, if they are looking for bargain hotel packages, they can buy hotel accommodations on Roomer and save up to 80%. Plus, if guests want to feel safer when purchasing a non-refundable hotel reservations, they should check out LifeHappens (, a revolutionary hotel cancellation protection that lets people cancel their reservation for any reason, no questions asked.

Splitty Travel ( can also help save customers money by splitting the stay into multiple reservations at the same hotel to get the lowest rate.

Alternatively, if a customer already made a reservation, they can forward the reservation to Pruvo ( and they will be notified if there is a drop in price for the exact same room. Then the customer can rebook the exact same room for a lower price and save money.
If a customer can’t pay all at once, that’s not a problem either.

Splitit ( enables seamless installment payments of businesses of all kinds. The merchant does not assume any greater risk than with a regular card transaction and the consumer can easily charge the purchase on their existing credit card and pay it back in monthly interest-free installments.

The vibe of the hotel and modern amenities are major factors that will define the guest’s experience. YapQ ( uses artificial intelligence to provide data on the hotel’s “vibe characteristics” by analyzing guest usage patterns on social networks and building a location profile for each hotel.

Viggo Smart Hotel ( provides powerful hotel WiFi, a Smart Stay mobile app, and a smart hotel TV system. Each of these technologies will increase guest satisfaction and raise the hotel rating score.

With VDroom (, a direct marketing platform that enables you to create virtual reality websites for hotels, travelers can actually feel like they are already at their destination when they book the reservation.

Preparing for the Trip

OTAs, Airlines and Hotels today, are expected to provide outstanding user experience and a high level of service. You need to be innovative and personal.
iKNOWtice (, for example, has created an AI Engine that obviates the need for login, loyalty clubs, and filters. The engine knows your customers and their purchase intent even before they enter your web site or app and can immediately and dynamically present them with personalized offers, that are most suitable for them.
In addition, ( is now letting groups order online together and pay separately. This full white label service is the only checkout experience that retains your brand identity throughout the whole process to all the groups members.
If the guest wants to book all their business and travel in one place, they should try out TravelPerk (, a free booking and management platform that offers the world’s largest travel inventory.
Guiderr ( also provides a stress-free travel experience by creating personalized travel itineraries. Through a B2B combination of machine learning technology and Travel agents, Guiderr ensures a safe, fun, and authentic trip.

Bidflyer is a powerful revenue generation platform for airlines: a complete set of integrated solutions that identifies the airlines unsold inventory and generate sales in more ways than ever before. Bidflyer’s leading auction solution has empowered leading airlines to significantly increase their sales and revenue.

Flyzen – Fixing Air Travel. Flyzen has developed an AI based innovative solution that provides air travelers with benefits and services in case of flight disruptions. Our product can be tailored to meet specific requirements and can be offered as an up-sale or complementary product for travelers to generate unique proposition and can assist Airlines and OTAs with increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and affinity with your brand.

Upon Arrival

If you want to ensure that guests will feel comfortable and continue using your services, connect them with these tools that will make their stay far more enjoyable.

Topguides (, which helps book tour guides, and Gooster (, an AI chat-bot that gives travelers info on cool local sites, help travelers easily explore new parts of the world. Likewise, Travless ( helps your customers find coupons for local activities and sites.

Plus, bitemojo ( creates a stellar B2B food experience and lets high-profile brands become a part of their customer’s experience while they take self-guided food discovery tours.

Another great tool is that creates state-of-the-art, location-based, original content by using both an ML algorithm and content communities around the world, to help end-users discover and explore new touristic locations.

In order to visit all the sites in a country, visitors need a way of getting around. Rider ( is the perfect solution as it provides passenger transportation around the world. They provide both individuals and travel agents with an easy-to-use international booking system for private cars, shared shuttles, and buses.

Staying healthy is the most basic need of any trip, so to ensure that travelers are well throughout their journey, they should use Air Doctor (, a database made for tourists to find the best private doctors anywhere in the world. With Air Doctor, there is no need for local hospitals during illness or emergencies.

And while travelers will be away exploring, they can always stay in contact with their community back home through Simgo ( ), a cloud managed 4G LTE WiFI hotspot that connects users to the Internet no matter where their adventure takes them.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to message me.

We are excited to see where all these amazing new tools will take you–and, as always, never stop adventuring!