8 Top Travel Apps You Should Never Leave Home Without


The influx of travel apps means that it’s never been easier to navigate while you’re away for business or pleasure. The most popular travel app is the classic Google Maps, with 61% of travelers using it to get around unfamiliar lands. But it’s far from being the definitive travel app. There’s literally an app for any situation that may arise while on the go. The 8 apps featured below are our essential apps to help stay both productive and entertained while traveling.


Over the last few year, Airbnb has become ludicrously popular, but it wasn’t all that long ago that it revolutionized the way people booked their accommodations on vacation overnight. Today, Airbnb has earned its spot as a top travel app for anyone looking for a place to stay.


App in the Air might have a strange name, but there’s a reason this app made the Editor’s Choice on the App Store. App in the Air gives its users real-time flight updates, gate changes, airport navigation maps and tips – meaning you will never find yourself desperately rushing through an airport terminal again.


With more than 55 million downloads, XE Currency is the most renowned currency exchange rate app on the market, and not without reason.

It gives precise conversion rates for every currency you can think of, updated every minute and stored offline so that even if you lose internet connection or want to avoid roaming charges, you can still use the app.


Today’s hotel guests love taking their favorite content with them. Netflix has always been one of the best travel apps, but now they’ve added the ability to download all of your favorites straight to your mobile device for offline viewing. This makes it the quintessential app to bring with you on those lengthy trips. If you’ve got time to waste waiting for your departure, or even if you’d rather just watch your movie in-flight without the countless interruptions from the flight crew, this is a must-have app.


Citymapper is indispensable if you want to be able to navigate around like a local while abroad. Supporting many major cities around the world, Citymapper is a map app that you can use to chart a route using any kind of transport the city has. It gives live updates on delays and closures, and it’s very easy to use.


It’s almost unfair to place Skype and Whatsapp in the ‘travel apps’ category, but when it comes down to it, they’ve become an essential part of how the world stays connected regardless of where they may be on the globe.


Flight delays occur far more often than we like to think about. Why not waste that extra free time in style? LoungeBuddy provides instant access to 170 lounges worldwide on a pay-by-use basis. Just find the lounge you’d like to use at your layover airport, and book (iOS and Android).

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