The Social Media How-To Guide for Travel Startups


Social media or social networking sites play a huge role in our lives. Whether we are social butterflies or anti-social wallflowers doesn’t seem to matter – logging into social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is the first thing we do in the morning and the last thing we do before we hit the bed at night. With this social media trend taking a pivotal aspect of our daily routine, it is only wise to use the very same platform to engage with people. Startups are using the social media platform as a medium for their marketing, and this is a great idea, considering the fact that everyone is on social media.

Here are a few startups in the travel tech industry that are using social media the right way to engage with their users –




Launched in 2006. This travel tech company is using social media to its advantage by generating diverse content from over 8 million people all over the world! And how do they do that? By asking their users to generate content for them. Travel junkies who like to pen down their travel experience are the ones who write content for this company. This means all of their content are real live experiences that are rich in passion, and combined with some of the most unique photographs and videos. Millions of people send in their content and Matador calls the shots, by choosing only the best. Through its social media sites, anyone can send in content.


Manchester Airport


Bringing together travel, social media, and games, Manchester United created a wonderful marketing strategy to promote itself. This company came up with a game on Facebook that would eventually promote the huge range of travel destinations and tourist spots that they have all around the world. This game also came with a great inventive – an iPad. The players would earn points and credits everytime they get close to a destination. More destinations meant more points. Gaming addicts and travel junkies definitely won’t say no to this one !!




We have many social media challenges these days but the one challenge that took social media by storm was #BedJump. HotelsByCity, a company that gives you the best deals and offers on hotels, started this trend. All you had to do was take a picture of you jumping on the bed of the hotel room that you chose to stay at, and share it on social media platforms. Needless to say, this company got the attention it wanted, as through the BedJump challenge, it got some huge amount of traction.

Why Your Travel Tech Company Needs To Use Social Media As A Part Of Its Marketing Strategy

The first reason why you need to use social media to promote your business is because everyone is one social media – this is a no brainer. Having said that here are more reasons why you need to delve into the social media bandwagon to attract customers –

  • It doesn’t cut a hole through your pockets: Affordability is one of the prime reasons why you should use social media for your business. Sit in the confines of your home and work some website magic – social media is a great, affordable marketing tool.
  • Helps you know your target audience – When people check out your posts on social media, a lot of things happen. You generate leads, increase web traffic, and get traction. When all of that happens, you’ll know who is really interested in your business. This is important information. Knowing who your target audience is, will help you get in touch with them, sell your ideas, and make them love your brand!
  • Social proofing – Let’s go back to Psychology 101 here. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon, where people follow the action or beliefs of the majority. So how does it apply here? When people like your social media posts or page, follow you, and share your posts, the more likely you are to get more people to do the same. It’s almost like a virus. When customers see that others believe in your business, chances are will believe in your business as well.
  • Best place for feedback – one of the best features of social media is interaction and communication. You get to hear what your customers think of you. Social media platforms allow you to get feedback from your customers, and this in turn you can use to improve your business or deal with any loopholes or pitfalls.


Social media is in the spotlight is going to be there for a long time. The best social media platforms right now are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Instagram.